About Me

Who Am I?

A multi-skilled developer in London, with a solid background in software engineering and a master’s degree. I have a wide range of experiences from software companies, fintech, aerospace, banks, consulting and government projects.

I live to build things and I build things for a living.

Why “The HFT Guy”?

High Frequency Trading in its prime time was similar to the gold rush from centuries ago. The most brilliant minds could come to London and face each other. The lucky one may go from zero to many zeros while the unlucky one may go from hero to zero.

HFT would remain at all times the fairest and purest form of competition. It never cared who you are, where do you come from, or what you did before. The one who outsmarts everyone else wins. Period.

The word HFT is to stay as a reminder to strive for success and achievement. This title is a symbol for hope and a new life, as this is what the city of London represents to all -including myself- who had to flee their home countries.

Life is unfair, deal with it!

accomplishment motivator: success will not come to you you make your way to it


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. “-including myself- who had to flew away from their home country”

    I think you might have missed this.


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