SQL vs NoSQL: What’s The Best Database And When?

That can be explained with a simple flowchart:

databases flowchart.png
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2 thoughts on “SQL vs NoSQL: What’s The Best Database And When?

  1. And what about Galera Cluster or any other project to bring multi-master on SQL databases?

    • I mentioned CitusDB for PostGreSQL. Could mention Galera for MySQL.

      Basically, SQL cannot work on distributed systems. It breaks transactions, joins and a tons of stuff.

      These solutions that tries to plug sharding on top of SQL are a big hack. They usually end up with the database underneath barely recognizable and half of the SQL and features dropped. Not to mention they take a lot of dirty engineering and exploratory work to get working.

      If what you want is multi-master, use a database that is intended to do that out of the box. The most common being Cassandra. At least, it’s clear on it’s capabilities, you can get help from the official documentation and the internet and there is expertise available.

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